Posted by: Inside-Out Peace | January 30, 2009

Mission Statement

I had put the following in the About box but then discovered that no one sees it unless they click on “About” so I wanted to make it more visible:

The mission of “Speak Now, Peace Works” is to get the message out that peace does work.  I’ll be blogging my ideas about just how to make peace work, in four major areas:  education, equitable and sustainable use of natural resources, and religious beliefs.  What?  That’s only three?  The fourth is a little more complicated.  It was Hegel’s opinion that a basic fact about humans is that we want to master others.  Having observed the way my kids interact with each other, I have to agree that this is one of our natural instincts.  So, the fourth major area that needs addressing, to make peace work, is for us all to take that urge to master others, and turn it around, using that energy to master ourselves instead.

I also feel the need to make a disclaimer about Hegel:  although some of his insights about human nature and the process of philosophical development are interesting and possibly useful, I find his conclusions to be largely repellent.



  1. Excellent beginning to something that I hope will provide encouragement and inspiration to others.

    Despite Hegel’s conclusions, I like the idea of “self mastery,” for lack of a better term. Or maybe “self understanding.” Something we could all focus on!

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