Posted by: Inside-Out Peace | February 13, 2009

Anti-war is not anti-soldier

I just want to make a distinction, that will hold true throughout this entire blog, that although I am 100% against war, I am also 100% respectful and grateful to those in our armed forces. I am painfully aware that the liberties I have, only exist due to the sacrifices of others. The willingness to serve a greater cause, exemplified by these people, is among the most noble of human endeavors.  My hope, and goal, is that humanity as a whole can learn from our collective history, so that such sacrifices will become unnecessary. We will all be so much better off, when the talents and abilities of all our young people can be focused on creating solutions to problems and conflicts, rather than destroying enemies, or being destroyed by them. 

When a war ends, what is left is destruction and chaos, not an answer. The answer remains to be determined, by negotiations between representatives of the formerly warring countries. So if you can get a group of people together to talk out a solution after the war, why not just do that before the war?

A staggering amount of resources such as money, time, research, and materials, are consumed by war.   What is our return on that investment?  For example, in the near future, many predict there will be wars fought over access to potable water. If this does happen, what will be different at the end of the war? Will war somehow cause a scientific development that increases the supply of water?  Will war produce a fair way of sharing the water?  What if, instead of fighting over water, we used the resources that would be consumed by such wars to develop ways to ensure adequate water supplies, and ways to allocate water fairly according to populations’ needs?  Doesn’t that make more sense?  Does anyone not find that preferable to taking soldiers away from their homes, away from the people they love and the people who love them, causing them worry and sorrow?

I just want people to stop killing people. Calling it a “war” doesn’t make killing people OK.


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