Posted by: Inside-Out Peace | May 8, 2009

Moving On

Having resolved my conflict, (at least to my own satisfaction, and for the time being…) where do I go from here on my blog?   Based on the conclusions I came to in the last few posts, violence seems to be a societal-level problem. So, I may try turning to more local, current events, and evaluating them in terms of whether they lead our society toward tolerance, or hate. 

Every day, I see news articles and opinion pieces talking about the Republican Party.  “How did they lose?” and “What should they do now, to get back into power?” are apparently still considered newsworthy topics.  Their problem is very basic:  it’s that they went in the direction of hate.  I think that many people intuitively sensed the danger in that, and rejected it.   What the leadership of the Republican Party hasn’t seemed to realize, but Obama does, is that people are looking to the bigger picture now.  We’re not interested in the questions “is it good for the Republicans?” or “is it good for the Democrats?”  We want to know, “is it good for America?”  The Republicans will not gain back any significant number of followers until they realize this and correct it.  I’m not anxious for them to regain power at all (understatement), but the idea that there needs to at least be a viable opposition party who will ask hard questions and find holes in plans, in order to end up with the best possible result, does make sense to me.  It would be nice if it actually worked that way.

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