Posted by: Inside-Out Peace | June 18, 2009

Twittering For Iran

Foreign reporters are being confined to their hotels, their press passes and visas not renewed, Iranian reporters and rights activists are being arrested – but people are determined that the truth be heard and known, and are getting it out themselves via Twitter and other social internet media.  This puts them at personal risk if they are found, so people all around the world have been changing their location setting on Twitter to cities inside Iran, to provide them with cover – the bigger the haystack the harder it is to find the needles.

I love this!!!  It reminds me of the time when in Billings, Montana, people stood together, Jews and Christians alike, against oppression by putting menorahs in all their windows.  I don’t twitter but I signed up to an account, only to be able to do this.  The website below has other ideas for helping protect the protesters in Iran too but they’re technically beyond me.  It’s not much, but when word gets out in Iran that people are doing this for them, just think what a morale boost that will be.  Maybe even a flicker of a human connection from which to hopefully build peace.  I’ve long been an advocate of civilian diplomacy and the social technologies hold such promise as a means for advancing that.  Spread the word to anyone you know on twitter! 


Do you twitter? Change your twitter setting to GMT +3:30 (Tehran time) and your location to any city in Iran. If all of us are Iranians then it is a little harder for government censors to track down Iranian tweeters. (See list of Iranian cities at

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