Posted by: Inside-Out Peace | July 2, 2009

As If I Needed Confirmation

I just took the quiz on regarding my views on war and peace.  Here are my results:

The scales you completed were the Attitudes Toward War and Peace scales developed by Van Der Linden, Bizumic, Stubager, and Melon (2008). As the name suggests, the scale is a measure of an individual’s separate attitudes toward the concept of war and the concept of peace.

The reason why we are interested in this is that research has shown that attitudes toward war and peace, while related, represent two separate factors, meaning that just because one sees the merits of war does not mean that one is not pro-peace. This is a relatively new construct and we hope to help untangle the ideas of war and peace from each other, possibly connecting them to theorized ideas about the relationships to ideas about inequality, empathic tendencies, and threat sensitivity.

The graph below shows your scores on these scales. The scores range from 1 to 9 and higher scores indicate stronger endorsements. Your score is shown in green (1st bar) . The score of the average Liberal survey respondent is shown in blue (2nd bar) and that of the average Conservative respondent is in red (3rd bar) .

war peace score

Yeah, as I suspected, I’m on the fringe on this one.  I might even have gotten a zero for war except for allowing that there might, possibly, sometime, be some reason that war could be necessary. 

Like most people, I sometimes have to struggle with understanding the reasoning of people with widely disparate viewpoints to my own.  Usually, though, I can at least imagine what the reasoning might be.  But I can’t come up with one idea explaining anyone’s reasoning behind having a more positive view of war than of peace.  Conservatives, out there?  Care to explain?


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