Posted by: Inside-Out Peace | February 12, 2010

An Interesting Dream

Last night I dreamed that I was visiting a community that lived near an ocean.  In the strange way that dreams work, although the ocean is very far away from where I live, several people I know were living in this community.  At the ocean there was a beautiful beach, the most beautiful beach you can imagine.  All the people wanted to live near it and so the dwellings near the beach were very small and crowded, in tall apartment buildings.  I visited the homes of all the people I knew there.  They all told me, even though our home is so small, we love to live here because the beach is so beautiful. They all were also sad, however, because they wanted to go to the beach, but inbetween the dwelling places and the beach, there was a very wide, busy, dangerous highway.  They could not cross this road.  In my dream, all the people kept saying, “if only there were more land on the other side of this road, we could live there and be able to go to the beach”.  I heard this over and over again.  We had long meetings to try and come up with a way to have more land on the other side of the road, but they could not.  We were all completely focused on how to have more land

When I woke up, I realized: people had chosen to build the road there.  What they needed was not more land on the other side of it, but only to move the road.

So often we think a problem is intractable, until we see it as originating from inside our own selves.



  1. Dreams can be so cool. They can lead to clarity and understanding or wonderment an confusion, or all of the above. Thanks for sharing yours! I’m glad you are posting again.

  2. “Move the Road” may just well be my new mantra. Thanks, Lady!

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