Posted by: Inside-Out Peace | April 12, 2010

Charleston WV Counters Hate With Peace

I am in tears from watching this and they are tears of both sorrow and joy. Sorrow for the miners’ loved ones and the sickness in the minds and spirits of those from WBC, and joy at the display of peace and love opposing the WBC.

I just finished reading Letters to a Buddhist Jew, by Rabbi Akiva Tatz.  He was born in South Africa. At the end of the book he talks about the water barrels there, and how at the end of the dry season they have stagnant and foul water left in them.  The barrels are too heavy for anyone to be able to overturn the barrels to pour it out, but when the rains come, the people just direct conduits into the barrels and the new water is so plentiful that when the rains are done, the whole barrel is full of good fresh water.

May it be that love and peace in our society overflow and wash out all the bigotry, speedily and in our days, amen.


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