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The mission of “Speak Now, Peace Works” is to get the message out that peace does work.  I’ll be blogging my ideas about just how to make peace work, in four major areas:  education, equitable and sustainable use of natural resources, inner peace, and religious beliefs. 

Why these particular four?  I believe they are necessary conditions for establishing and maintaining peace within and among societies.  Peace is certainly more difficult to attain than violence. If you have a group of 100 people, peace prevails only as long as all 100 choose to act in peaceful ways.  It takes only one person acting violently to ruin that peaceful state. That is why it is essential to peace, for all people to find a way to achieve and maintain inner peace.

I think that it’s pretty clear why education and ‘equitable and sustainable use of natural resources’ are necessary for peace.  The “religious beliefs” category requires further explanation. It’s slightly different than the others in that I don’t think that it’s necessary for people to be religious in order to have peace. Historically speaking, it has at times even had the opposite effect. But I do see value in religion, in terms of being something that has the potential to help people with the inner peace category. The reason I include it as a category in this blog is that there are some particular types of religious beliefs that are an impediment to world peace.  Therefore, altering those particular beliefs is a necessary component of achieving peace. Wherever a specific religious belief and/or practice is an impediment to peace, I will call attention to it, analyze the belief, and try to suggest alternatives that are more conducive to peace. It is my sincere desire never to offend anyone, however I do not think that anything that causes harm to other people should be considered above criticism just because it is named “religious”.

These four areas make up the blog’s original four categories, because I see them as the essentials to establishing peace in the world. I’ve since added “effects of war” because I often read about the abject misery caused by war and feel like blogging about it just to show exactly what, if we had any sense, we’d be choosing to avoid.  And, “examples of peace working” because they are inspiring, and prove that conflicts can be resolved through nonviolent means, more effectively than through violence.


“The nonviolent approach does not immediately change the heart of the oppressor. It first does something to the hearts and souls of those committed to it. It gives them new self-respect; it calls up resources of strength and courage that they did not know they had. Finally it reaches the opponent and so stirs his conscience that reconciliation becomes a reality.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. I love this… I found the other post that I commented on via a tag and read your about and I think your mission is awesome.

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